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What does the Spatial Sciences Cover

What Are the Spatial Sciences?

Spatial refers to place, space or location. Since everything is “somewhere” on the earth’s surface, spatial information and spatial technologies have broad ranging and important uses. The spatial industry helps us understand our world, its people and solve issues relating to the environment, hazards and development from community to a global scale. Wouldn’t you like to be involved in creating the world of tomorrow?

The use of spatial sciences can be seen through our daily lives, for example using Google Maps to find the closest coffee shop or how to navigate your way around Sydney. To more specialised areas such as coaches monitoring how far a footballer has run in a game. Surveying and Spatial Science is essential for mapping mine sites, as well use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and satellites. These machines aren’t only used for secret military operations though they are also used to capture data for properties, and assisting in disaster management. Even video game companies are utilising Spatial Technology to develop topography, maps and rendering for their latest developments to add detail and realism to the games. So come and check what it’s all about.

Career's in

Careers in

In recent years there has been a serious lack of students entering the surveying profession. This may be due to a lack of awareness...

Find a Spatial Course

Find a Spatial Course

A job that will enable you to work almost anywhere in the world whilst being appreciated as a professional...

Looking to join the spatial Industrye

Looking to join the spatial Industry

A job that will enable you to work almost anywhere in the world whilst being appreciated as a professional...

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Careers in Hydrography

Hydrographic surveyors map the sea floor, shipping channels, waterways, ports and locate currents, shore lines and other marine features. They are usually associated with marine authorities.

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Careers in Spatial Information & Cartography

Careers in Engineering & Mining Surveying

Engineering Surveyors survey routes for railways, roads, pipelines, canals, sewers and tunnels and make detailed surveys of construction sites, dam sites, multistorey buildings and other engineering projects.

Mining Surveyors measure underground and open-cut mines in detail. Their surveys help mining organisations locate new mines safely, avoiding older mines, and allow connections to be made between different underground passages. Mine surveyors also establish the boundaries of mining claims in some states and territories.

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Careers in Engineering & Mining Surveying.

Careers in Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

Image analysts work with aerial photography and satellite imagery, using specialised software to identify particular features such as vegetation mapping, mineral exploration, town planning. They work at all levels of government including Defence, private consultants and large engineering firms.

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Careers in Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

Careers in Land Surveying

Cadastral/Land Surveyors measure property boundaries or locations using a range of equipment that include GPS and Total Stations to record information on plans and maps. Surveyors can find an array of jobs in both Private surveying firms and State governments.

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Careers in Land Surveying

Careers in Spatial Information & Cartography

Geospatial analysts work with GIS software, imagery and other geospatial layers to offer location-based solutions to environmental issues, infrastructure projects and mining work. All levels of government including Defence, private consultants and large engineering and mining companies hire Geospatial/GIS professionals.

Cartographers create maps, plans and diagrams using specialised computer software. Private mapping firms, local councils, universities and state governments are typcial places for a cartographer to work.

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Careers in Land Surveying

Looking to Join the Spatial Science Industry

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Current Spatial Science Tertiary Student

Along with good grades, it is important to be actively involved in a professional Institute like SSSI so you can broaden your professional networks and get some great advice on where you can take your career. Through attending Young Professional events, or sitting on your regional YP Committee, you will meet a wide range of working professionals. These people will form good contacts when job searching, and may even act as referees for you.


Get Connected

If you are just embarking on a career in any form of spatial in an approved full-time tertiary course, you should apply for FREE student membership of SSSI today.


What Do I Get?

Becoming a student member of SSSI is a great way to open up opportunities and to get ready for your career in spatial through:

  • Network with spatial professionals from a huge range of professional streams;
  • Advice, insight and clear pathways for your upcoming career through coaching and mentoring;
  • Get cheap member rates at SSSI events, including technical workshops and networking;
  • Free spatial news and communications from SSSI, including the regular Geo-Message.

We welcome all young spatial professionals to SSSI.


Am I Eligible to Join?

Free student membership is available to all students who are currently studying full-time in an approved spatial course at a tertiary institution. Qualifications can include bachelor, certificates, or Diplomas.


How Do I Join?

  1. Click here to download the Application Form
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  3. Submit form to SSSI

Looking For A Job

If you are looking for a job within the industry and what qualifications are needed? Check out Spatial Jobs to get that competitive edge (https://www.spatialjobs.com.au/)

Or any other questions please don’t hesitate to Contact SSSI.

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