Media Release Sydney wraps up ISRSE Convention (April 2011)

As the plethora of data remote sensing methods becomes more and more integral to our daily lives – such as GPS, disaster weather forecasting and climate change – the key themes resonating through the closing ceremony of the 34th International Symposium of Remote Sensing for the Environment (ISRSE), reflected on the importance of sharing knowledge, and visions for the future.

Wrapping up at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre last week, Co-Chairs of the 34th ISRSE, along with key note speaker from NASA, Lawrence Freidl, praised success of an event which saw almost 600 delegates come together and literally ‘raise the bar‘ in the level and quality of 440 presentations and electronic papers shared, many of which will be published post event.

Mr Jon Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer of BESydney said: “This Symposium was extraordinarily beneficial to Sydney as it brought together world leaders in the field of environmental remote sensing, a technology that is not always visible, but gives the world critical data for applications we are now coming to rely on day to day.
“Information relating to weather forecasting, disaster reduction and response, GPS, agriculture, urban and marine resources and much more, is gathered from scores of satellites around the world and transferred to usable data that helps people live better and, in future, more sustainably.

“The importance for experts to get together on one level playing field, share knowledge and report on their country’s progress with the aim of setting out a future course of action and a common goal, is crucial in the progress and success of the industry.

“For Sydney to hold such an event is fantastic opportunity for Australian science.”


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