Geo Message (January 2012)


Request for contributions

George Cho, Professor of Geoinformatics and the Law, Faculty of Applied Science 

University of Canberra, is seeking expressions of interests from Australians who have an interest in the legal issues related to Earth observations, to make contributions to sessions at the ISPRS Congress in Melbourne in August this year. The proposed sessions to be held at the Congress are as follows:


Session 1: Frans von der Dunk (IPAC/ISPRS, IAA, IISL) & TBD (IAA)
General Legal Issues Concerning Space Law and EO Satellite Data

Session 2: Irmgard Niemeyer (IPAC/ISPRS) & Steven Freeland (IISL)

Treaty Monitoring and Law Enforcement By Means of Spaceborne Remote Sensing

Session 3: George Cho (IPAC/ISPRS) & Lesley Jane Smith (IAA)

The Value of Evidence of EO Satellite Data in Court Cases: Theory and Practice

Those interested in participating in these sessions should contact George Cho at


Full details of the ISPRS Congress and the concurrent 16th ARSPC can be found at and  The ISPRS IPAC (the International Policy Advisory Committee) is described at  .


John Trinder

Chair RS&P Commission

January 2012


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