Geo Message (November 2011)

Inside SSSI

The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference 2011 which is being held in Wellington, New Zealand, will also be the venue for the SSSI staff meeting.  Eugene Browne and Faye Scorer will be attending which means the WA office will be unattended from Monday 21 November to Friday 25 November inclusive.



It is the time of year for more social events:


APSEA Awards

We are very pleased to announce that Scanalyse Pty Ltd in conjunction with Curtin University and CRC for Spatial Information for winners in the Innovation and Commercialisation category of the APSEA awards for their project "Commercialisation of MillMapper by Scanalyse".  We extend our congratulations to all parties.


Recent Events

Cadastral Interest Group Meeting

The CIG met on the 25th October and the meeting focused on feedback required for Strata Title reform regarding Termination of Survey Strata Schemes which was provided through Ed McKinnon back to CTAC.  Colin advised that Don Abbey's SP1 proposal will be considered by the Cadastral Commission.


Lawn Bowls Evening

Fourteen teams enjoyed the November corporate bowls event at the Morley/Noranda Recreation Club on a perfect night.  Overall winners were Statewest with team members Ron and Barb Rogers, David Randolph and Paul Incerti.  Once again our thanks goes to Graeme Marion who organized the event and sponsors Cottage and Engineering Surveyors.


Engineering Surveying Commission CPD

An interesting debate on the calibration and vertification of GPS was led by Don Abbey which led into the proposed new SP1 document.  SSSIWA has agreed to circulate Don's SP1 proposal to ESIG for comment and feedback.


Land Commission CPD Seminar

Our final metropolitan LSC CPD seminar held at Curtin Univer5sity on 17 November was very well attended with over 120 member in attendance.  Michael Kuhn spoke on Mean Sea Level changes around Australia from satellite altimetry and tide gauge readings with some outstanding conclusions; Colin Shipp spoke on training the next generation and teh various responsibilities of the parties involved in Professional Training Agreement; Adam Henry, a Curtin University student, spoke on his research regarding cadastral survey mark longevity, emphasizing the importance of careful placement and material selection, and finally Don Abbey highlighted the theory of calibration of GPS instruments as well as speaking on his proposed alternate industry standard for control surveys to replace SP1.  We are most grateful to those who took time out of their busy schedule to address their colleagues.


Upcoming Events

SSSC Conference - 21-25 November, Wellington, New Zealand

Cadastral Interest Group Meeting - 29 November, SSSIWA office

YP/WinGIT Quiz Night  -  1 December, Noranda/Morley Recreation Club

OmniSTAR-SSSIWA Golf morniing - 5 December, Burswood Golf Course

SICC Breakfast Committee Meeting - 8 December

Going Places Seminar - 8 December, Webb Theatre, Geography Department, UWA

Regional Management Committee Meeting - 12 December, SSSIWA office

Christmas Sundowner - 19 December, SSSIWA office


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