Geo Message (October 2011)


The SSSC11 conference will soon be on in Wellington (November 2011), with the Young Professionals getting behind the conference open day and student programme. On the open day secondary school students from around Wellington will be invited to attend a number of activities including; Talks from industry representatives, tours of the exhibition hall and Survey Vehicles followed up by a geo-caching event. Wellington is a great city for the conference with excellent cafes and a vibrant nightlife, there are also a number of outdoor activities (such as sailing, walking and mountain biking) not far from the city centre.


The NZ Young Professionals have been rather quiet this year, but I hope to get things back up and running soon, we helped out with the annual SSSI Quiz night held a month or so ago which was a great success with a good turnout. The challenge we face is finding time to organise activities and events so I hope to recruit some additional YP committee members to bring new ideas and assist in organising activities, so if you are a YP in NZ and keen to be involved let me know!


Thanks Amy Marshall

NZ SSSI Young Professionals Representative


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