FIG Working week May 2012




FIG Working Week 2012, 6-10 May 2012

Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage

Call for paper – submit your peer review paper by 1 November 2011

Dear Friend and Colleague,

 Submit your peer review paper or your abstract for non-peer review paper
It is now time to submit your full peer review paper for the FIG Working Week 2012. Final deadline is 1 November 2011 if you would like to have your paper reviewed by two independent, professional FIG reviewers in a blinded peer review process. Papers should be submitted at  

Abstracts both for peer review papers and non-peer review papers shall be submitted online at:

  The deadline for submitting your non-peer review abstract is 15 December 2011.

Please see the full call for paper here:

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The technical programme will include a broad professional and scientific programme with 8-9 slots each offering from 8 up to 10 parallel sessions and workshops. With flash presentations the programme offers more than 400 presentations in a three-day technical programme. The technical programme will offer specially invited high profile presentations and papers that are selected through this open call for papers procedure.

Don’t miss the 2012 General Assembly in connection with the Working Week. At the General Assembly, FIG member associations will select the host and venue for the FIG Working Week 2015 and FIG Working Week 2016 as well as two new Vice Presidentsand Chairs Elect for the 10 FIG Commissions.Closing date for nominations for Vice President and Chair Elect is 2 January 2012.The deadline for making the bid for the 2015 and 2016 Working Week is 30 November 2011. Any association that is interested to host the FIG Working Week in 2015 or 2016 is requested to contact FIG Director, email: Working Week 2012 and related eventsThe overall theme of the Working Week is "Knowing to Manage the Territory – Protect the Environment – Evaluate the Cultural Heritage". These three sub themes address the challenges of today and their relation to the cultural heritage that Italy and Rome are so famous of. Rome is a natural venue for discussing the past and future of the surveying profession and the global community. The theme implements the theme of the current FIG term of office: "Engaging the Challenge: Enhancing the Relevance".The Working Week will bring surveyors and land professionals from all over the world together to meet while specific focus will be given to the Mediterranean region. The conference is organised jointly by FIG and Consiglio Nazionale Geometri e Geometri LaureatiIn connection with the FIG Working Week FIG will organise the first Young Surveyors Conference 4-5 May in Rome allowing young professionals easy attendance to the Working Week. FIG and IAG will also organise a joint technical seminar on reference frame in practice 4-5 May. A traditional history workshop will be held also in Rome 3-4 May. For the Young Surveyors Conference, FIG Foundation has decided that there will be up to four (4) Fellowships available, to cover the participation of the Young Surveyors Conference and the Working Week.More information and specifications of requirements: are looking forward to meeting you in Rome in May 2012.Kind regards, Ms. Louise Friis-Hansen
FIG Office Manager

The opening ceremony and three plenary sessions will address key issues of the surveying profession including latest development in surveying technology, land administration and land tenure, geospatial information, urbanisation and sustainable cities and their relations to cultural heritage and its maintenance.

FIG General Assembly 2012  


– 6 and 10 May 2012



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FIG Working Week 2012 - Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage
Rome, Italy, 6-10 May 2012
First FIG Young Surveyors Conference
Rome, Italy, 4-5 May 2012
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