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Final Message from the Chair

This will be my last South Australian Chair message before I take on the role of SSSI President. It is fitting that you will be reading this from the new SSSI website. When I reflect back over the two and half years as Chair of SA we have come a long way in many areas, but our communication media has had the greatest change. When I took this role on, SA had just stopped printing its regional newsletter, and was producing it as a dynamic PDF. The committee identified that the web was a better and more cost effective media to share information to a larger audience, and the SA Newsfeed was created and delivered in 2009. This blog technology has become pervasive in our lives, just like a newspaper was in the mid 1850s in Australia. The new world of information sharing is an opportunity for each of us to filter news or content as we want it, for us to control the information overload. The new SSSI website encapsulates this philosophy.


I’ve decide to adopt the social media revolution for private and business uses too. I just think you can’t say ‘no’ for ever when it comes to the digital age, so as President of SSSI, I will be using twitter to get the message out. If you want to follow me now and over the next 12 months please click here…


Over the past few years I have met many amazing, passionate and dedicated spatial professionals who are all making ‘SA Great’ in the surveying and spatial industry. They have shown and guided me in developing an innovative body of people with strong leadership qualities that is now providing more services and opportunities to our current and new professional members.  I congratulate them, and without these people in our industry it would be just floundering in the rapidly changing world.


I would like to welcome our Regional Sustaining Partners for 2011/2012. Three years ago SSSI SA Region had no formal Regional Sustaining Partners, today we have eight. Again this is a credit to the 2009/10 and 2010/11 committees, but also these companies who believe in supporting SSSI at the local level. This year’s Regional Sustaining Partners are:



Alexander & Symonds

Fyfe Earth Partners


Surveyors Board SA


Flinders University


Adelaide University


Tonkin Consulting


Government of South Australia

EFM Health Clubs – King William Street


Without their support the committee would not be able to bring you events at heavily discounted rates or even free. So if you need assistance in your business please give them a call first.


Over the past few months the regional committee has been very active in providing many events, these include:



(If you had attended them all you would have accumulated about 22 CPD points)

Finally, I thank the regional committee, sub committees and our REO (Bob Geary) for their support and tireless efforts in delivering high quality events in South Australia. I look forward to my role as President of SSSI, but I do know that the past president (Jonathon Saxon) and current President (Gypsy Bhalla) have set the bar very high. I look forward seeing you at an event in the not too distant future.


Kind regards

Gary Maguire



Committee and Commission Elections

At the last Committee meeting, the following new members were elected for a two year term:

The following were re-elected:

Gary Maguire, David Coombe, David Floreani, Franco Rea, Simon Callaghan, Dimity Burgess (Regional) (Spatial Information and Cartography), Grantley Leith (National and Regional) (Engineering and Mining Surveying)

Those not standing for election this year and who will continue for a further year were:

Congratulations to all.


New SA Chair

Congratulations to David Trengove, who in addition to being newly elected to the Committee, was also elected unopposed as Chair for a two year term.
David replaces Gary Maguire who has taken over the role of National President and leaves after an outstanding period of service to SSSI at a regional and national level.


EFT Health Clubs

New Sustaining Partner in South Australia!!

EFT Health Clubs – King William Street has joined SA Sustaining Partner Program. This is a fantastic opportunity for South Australian members to get fit before the summer months kick in or just get fit!!  Nathan is the owner of EFM King William Street and is offering our members a 20% discount on membership at his Health Club.

Nathan has seven years of experience in the fitness industry and is committed to helping people improve their fitness and lifestyle.


EFM King William Street is offering SSSI-SA members a corporate membership rate  (20% discount) as an incentive to keep fit, healthy and active plus EFM King William Street is conveniently located in a central CBD location (corner of King William Street and Grenfell Street (next door to Cibo)).


EFM never locks you in for a 12 month contract, so given your membership is always month by month, the pressure is on EFM to ensure you achieve results, have a positive experience and receive value for money.

At EFM, your program changes daily so your programs are just as motivating in 12 months as it is on your first day. You also have your own personalised fitness coach so all programs cater for each individual which means you train towards your goals instead of someone else’s and therefore achieve faster results.

At EFM you don’t wait for machines, the timetable is flexible and EFM offers express workouts, which means members will have more time for family, friends and personal time. We always maintain an average trainer to member ratio of 1:12 so your trainer is always readily available, this also means you are essentially receiving a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.


All sessions are supervised to ensure you exercise in a safe environment and maintain correct exercise technique for a more effective workout. The club manager/coach also runs 85% of all supervised fitness programs to provide continuity of trainer which means I knows what motivates you, your fitness level, what exercises you like and don’t like, any injuries you may have and the intensity at which you like to work at.

Finally, at EFM, there are no mirrors, it isn’t a fashion show so you just wear what is comfortable, and EFM does not have a “body beautiful or body builder” culture.


This month special to SSSI-SA members is 30 days for $30. Give Nathan a call or drop in and have a chat. Don’t forget to tell Nathan you’re a SSSI member to get this discount.

If you have any questions or would like to get started today give me a call on

0409 288 489 or email at . 

Upcoming Events

Cadastral Surveying Workshop Business SA Monday 7 November

Women in Spatial Cocktail Night Saldechin Friday 2 December

Check calendar for advance notice of 2012 events


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