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Personal Branding in Queensland and WA

The Queensland region recently hosted their inaugural Women in Spatial Breakfast. This as our first foray into a breakfast event like this we were very pleased to have 25 women and 1 man attend.


We met at the Queensland State Library, a lovely, quiet setting at Brisbane's South Bank and were overwhelmed by the number of new faces that joined us. We hope that providing a new forum for members and non-members alike gave our attendees a great opportunity to make new friends, speak to like-minded colleagues and chat to those in similar circumstances.


The event focused around providing a brief update on latest developments in the industry and then inviting all to engage with our guest speaker, Trish Perry, discussing how we can influence perceptions and image through our dress and colour choices. We touched briefly on the successful funding through the Critical Skills Infrastructure for Cert III and IV training in Surveyng and Spatial Information Services in Queensland and how everyone can help by spreadsing the word to encourage individuals and companies to become involved. While we waited for our fantastic breakfasts to arrive, we were honoured to listen to Trish's insights into personal image and how easy it can be to change the way others perceive you, simply by changing your wardrobe. I don't think many of us were complaining about going out and buying new clothes! It was also amazing to see how many of us may be making some simple mistakes in our choice of colour or style! I am sure we all looked at our wardrobes differently when we got home!


We actively sought feedback both during and after the event to enable us to start planning for our next event. We have already agreed the timeframe and frequency for ongoing get togethers and are reviewing suggestions for upcoming topics. We are more than happy to take more ideas and suggestions from the broader community. Wednesday 1 February 2012 is set for our next event.


As your Queensland representatives, we welcome any comments or feedback you may have. Or if you have anything else you would like to chat about please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are excited about creating a strong WIS network in Queensland and envisage there to be many opportunities for mentoring and support in the future. We WIS need to stick together!


Kind regards

Chris McAlister & Andrea Herklots


BrandYOU it's Personal - WinGIT WA

On the 3rd of August, WinGIT hosted another successful Facilitated Workshop. The title of the workshop was "BrandYOU it's Personal" and was hosted by Shirley Anne Fortina of POD Consulting, a highly experienced facilitator, trainer, business coach and speaker. The evening focussed on the concept of personal branding in the workplace and emphasised that you are your own greatest asset". The small group learnt tips for self reflection and analysing our strengths and opportunities for improvement. One of the easiest ways to do this is to update your resume. The abridged program also presented tools to increase confidence levels and self-awareness, plus looked at communication between different types of personalities. All attendees took away valueable information and all agreed the tools could be implemented immediately in their work lives.

Further information regarding POD consulting can be seen at


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