Geo Message (September 2011)

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It is with pleasure we welcome the City of Gosnells as a new WA Regional Bronze Sustaining Partner.   We especially welcome Anthony Procino of the City of Gosnells as their nominated member under that agreement.



Boat ramp marker project

This innovative project of placing a navigation aid at all boat ramps in Western Australia has commenced thanks to the great work being done by member Ray Watson.    To date four members have marked nine ramps.  Thank you to these members.  Each ramps marking attracts 2 SSSI CPD points.  We will be providing reports as it is rolled out.


Skills shortages

Discussion with international professional groups at ISDE indicate that currently in the United Kingdom and Ireland there is a great resources of skilled professional spatial staff, many of whom are desperately short of work, who could be recruited for work in Australia.  Anyone interested in such recruiting should contact Eugene Browne at the SSSI office for details and contacts in the UK and Ireland.


Consultation with Department of Planning

The consultation on "Delegated Approval for Built Stratas" is proceeding very slowly with the Department of Planning.  In the meantime we are talking with Landgate and WALGA regarding the problems with this reform in the hope of getting some support for members concerns.


Recent Events

ISDE and WALIS Forum

SSSI gained good exposure at the recent ISDE and WALIS Forum, 23 to 25 August, at the Perth Convention Centre, where we had a booth and display.  Numerous enquiries were made regarding membership and we hope they all translate into new memberships.  Being an international conference many comparisons were discussed between SSSI and similar organizations in other countries.


Retired Surveyors Lunch

Who was it said 'the best laid plans of mice and men.......'.  Imagine our surprise when we arrived at Sizzlers for our recent luncheon to find Sizzlers Innaloo closed for renovations, but being Surveyors it only took a couple of seconds to find another restaurant in the complex and we moved across to "Bettys" for a successful luncheon.

Numbers were a bit light on, we only had thirteen present and four of those were our wives.  It was good to see our more senior members of Bob Bennett, Derrick Brown and Allan Lockhart teaming up and making the effort to join us.

Selby Munsie, Convenor


Fellows Dinner

Twenty Fellows from all the Founding Institutes thoroughly enjoyed each others company as well as excellent food, wine and venue on Monday 19 September 2011.  Peter Douglas welcomed all and especially Marnie Leybourne to her first Fellows event as our newest Fellow.  Members toasted deceased member Wally Johns and Fellow Kevin Pownall.  Colin Shipp gave a short account of Kevin's awe-inspiring professional activities during his busy life which was much appreciated by the group.  Ed McKinnon was presented with his award for "Professional Eminence and Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Sciences".  Ed was overseas when the WA Surveying and Spatial Excellence Awards were presented.  Ed provided some insights and anecdotes from the past and outlined the continuing work he is doing now with Rotary Australia.  This event continues to be a very successful and popular social event in the SSSI calendar.


Recent meetings

Landgate Customer Service Council - 13 September 2011

Landgate is still working with lawyers on their disclaimer regarding the risks for users without a surveyors practicing certificate of using cadastral coordinates for setting out survey boundaries of related features.

Regulations regarding the Building Bill are still required to address the agreed encroachment issue.

A recent change to the Strata Titles Act was finalized in response to SSSI concerns with Section 37AA.

Robin Piesse demonstrated a new "Create a Map" feature where clients for a fee can create their own map from available SLIP data.

Bruce Roberts advised that a new "Code of Conduct" is under development to address the recent property fraud problem and it's public release is imminent.

Some real time visualization projects under the "Locations information Strategy" were briefly demonstrated.

Discussion on the type of information required by developers and surveyors in relation to all plan lodgment turn-around times should be scheduled for the next SSSI CIG meeting.

Eugene Browne was the SSSI representative for Trevor Veen who had other commitments. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 6 December 2011.


Cadastral Interest Group Meeting

The CIG welcomed new Landgate Customer Liaison Officer, Ian Richardson, to his first meeting on 30 August 2011.  Colin Shipp advised that the LSLB examinations are in progress with 10 candidates and that an MOU between Landgate/LSLB has been signed for 2 years - after that self-funding options will need to be considered.  The LSLB Secretary, Richard Browne, advised that minor amendments to plans will no longer be done by Landgate - they will be sent back to the surveyor for amendment.

Members urged for an urgent meeting with Eric Lumsden, CEO of the Department of Planning (DoP) on the "Delegated Approval for Built Strata Problem" and asked that cases be assembled from members and provided to WALGA.

Members agreed that an obituary for Kevin Pownall should be developed and published.


Engineering Surveying Interest Group Meeting

The ESIG did not meet this month but has formulated a letter to industry, employers and engineering surveyors promoting the new SSSI Engineering Surveying Certification.  It will be distributed as soon as a comprehensive list of recipients has been compiled.


Upcoming Events

SICC Committee Meeting  -  13 October

Regional Management Committee Meeting  -  17 October in the SSSIWA office

Cadastral Interest Group Meeting  -  25 October in the SSSIWA office at 6.00 pm

Proposed Going Places Seminar for the SICC and RSPC  -  3 November, University of WA Geography Department

Corporate Bowls  -  9 November, Noranda Recreation Club

Proposed Engineering Surveying CPD Seminar  -  10 November, SSSIWA office

Engineering Surveying Interest Group meeting  -  14 November, SSSIWA office at 6.00 pm

Cadastral CPD seminar  -  17 November, Curtin University

SSSC Conference  -  21-25 November, Wellington, New Zealand

Cadastral Interest Group Meeting  -  29 November, SSSIWA office at 6.00 pm


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