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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our members across Queensland whose friends and family have been affected by the recent flooding crisis.

SSSI Queensland South Brisbane office was inundated on the ground floor, subsequently we have been unable to open the office until today. From Friday, 21 January 2011 we should be fully functioning. Should you have any enquires please contact us on 07 3217 2566. We will also endeavor to respond to all emails sent over this period in the next few days.





Spatial Science Queensland

Our first edition of 2011 is now available! Click here to download the January Spatial Science Queensland.

Missed an edition? Click here to view our past editions here!

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Queensland Flooding: How you can help!

Hopefully most of you are starting to dry out by now, and are well on the road to recovery! If your home or business was damaged, please let us know what we can do to help.

In our role as surveyors and spatial scientists, we’ve been asked to assist with the recovery, so we’re launching MapMyTown – the Queensland Flood Special Edition!

This is basically a 2 step process, that first involves you helping us out with some publicity, and second helping collect flood level information.

Step 1: Join the Facebook group - (MapMyTown – the Queensland Flood Special Edition), or go to the website - www. and read about what we’re asking people to do. Then SHARE these two portals with everyone and anyone you know in Queensland. Some companies have chosen to do this through an email or their company newsletter.

Step 2: Let us know at or if you are available to help go out and survey the flood heights as collected by the public. We’ll be working with DERM to provided SunPoz and similar networks to make this job a LOT easier! Details will be provided to those who can help out.

It’s that simple!

Obviously this project is not just limited to Brisbane, so if your community has been affected by flooding, please get involved.

If you have any questions, comments or anything else, please contact me at



Upcoming Events


LiDAR Technologies 2011

LiDAR Technologies 2011 is the first of its kind - a two day workshop dedicated to comprehensively reviewing LiDAR technologies, applications and user case-studies. Bringing together best-of-breed LiDAR formats including terrestrial, vehicle-mounted and aerial capture platforms, this annual event is aimed at mining, engineering, local government and spatial professionals.

Topics covered over two days will include current LiDAR data acquisition technologies, analytical tools and methodologies, emerging standards and research initiatives at state, national and international levels from both private and public sector, along with LiDAR users sharing their knowledge.

LiDAR functionality is constantly evolving and fast gaining a reputation as an emerging technology with substantial ROI potential through it's relevance for fine-grade spatial analysis, engineering and vegetation management functions. This is a once a year chance to gain familiarity with a broad range of LiDAR technologies, service providers and end users with experience consuming LiDAR data.


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