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Vale Commander Gareth Cann

It is with great sadness that we advise that Commander Gareth Cann passed away this month on the 11th of August.  Gareth has been a dedicated hydrographic surveyor in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. Since his transfer to the RAN in 1994 he has been a great contributor to the Australian Hydrographic Service and a very good friend and colleague. His postings have included Command of PALUMA, MERMAID and HS WHITE Crew (HMA Ships LEEUWIN and MELVILLE) as well as OIC Hydro School and Head of Data Management and Head of Operations and Surveys here at the Australian Hydrographic Office. Gareth also contributed to the National Hydrographic community through his membership of the Australasian Hydrographic Society and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute where he was a member of the Hydrography Commission and the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel.

Thanks Gareth for your loyalty and dedication to hydrography and to your friends, we will miss you.


Hydro International Article

The SSSI Hydrography Commission was featured in a recent article in the latest edition of Hydro International.  For those who are yet to see the article, it can be viewed online on the Hydro International Website.




Permanent Committee on Tides and Mean Sea Level (PCTMSL) Online Survey

Anyone using tidal information may be interested to konw that an 'online survey' is being conducted on the ICSM website.  To participate, please go to


Category A Staff Vacancy at the International Hydrographic Bureau (IHB), Monaco

The Directing Committee of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) is inviting applications for the post of a Professional Assistant (Category A Staff) at the IHB.
Further information can be obtained from the IHO Circular Letter 47/2011. (


University of Otago Podcasts

At the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, there was a recent open evening sponsored by the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) on rising sea levels and their potential effects on low lying suburbs.  A series of presentations were videoed and podcasts are available for download on the University of Otago website.  In particular, the first session features Professor John Hannah discussing the use of long term tide guages and GPS measurements in determing sea level change patterns.


ANCORS Scholarship Opportunities

The Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security are inviting admissions for candidates interested in pursuing ocean-related research.  For more information, please download the flyer.


Upcoming Events


Ausgeoid09 Online Webinar - 1.5 CPD Points (29 August, 2011)

   More info

57th UNB-OMG / UNH-CCOM Multibeam Training Course - CPD TBA (31 October - 5 November, 2011)

Fremantle, Western Australia    More info

Hydro 2011 Down Under - CPD TBA (7-10 November, 2011)

Fremantle, Western Australia    More info

Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference - CPD TBA (21-25 November, 2011)

Wellington, New Zealand    More info


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