Geo Message (July 2011)

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Welcome to the July edition of the Engineering and Mining Surveying Commission GeoMessage.


Recently an email was sent out to all Engineering and Mining Surveying Commission members asking for a nominee for a Mining Surveying Chair.  At the time of close of nominations it is disappointing to note that no nominations have been received.  Further to this the Committee also received news that dual chairs are currently not possible under the SSSI constitution.  Therefore we are back to square one.  At this stage we are looking at other methods to provide distinct representation for Engineering Surveyors and Mining Surveyors, including encouraging Regions to supply an Engineering Surveyor representative and a Mining Surveyor representative to the National Commission as well as creating Engineering Surveying and Mining Surveying Interest Groups as has occured in the WA Region. 


On the AIMS MOU front, approval from the SSSI Board is very close at hand with some minor amendments required before signoff.  More details will be provided in a future Geo Message.



If any member would like to contact the Commission please email the Chair at


We would like to welcome the following new members who have joined our Commission in the last month:



We hope you enjoy your time being a member and hope to catch up with you at a future event.


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