Geo Message (July 2011)


Land Surveying Commission supports Australian delegates to FIG


The Land Surveying Commission provides financial assistance to support the attendance of Australian delegates to FIG Commission 5 and to FIG Commission 7.


Northern Territorian Robert Sarib SSSI member is the Commission 5 delegate. Robert  recently attended the Marrakech FIG Working Week 2011 - Bridging the Gap between Cultures - in Marrakech, Morocco from the 18-22 May 2011.  Robert  is the Vice Chair Administration of Commission 5.  Read more about Commission 5 and the Marrakech FIG Working Week 2011 in the report attached.


Victorian SSSI member David Mitchell , lecturer at the RMIT, is the Commission 7 delegate.  See David’s Report attached on his Commission 7 activities from 2010 and what is proposed for 2012 and beyond.




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