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My report is coming from overseas this month. I attended the 25th  International Cartographic Conference in Paris early in July along with a few other Victorians including two of our Victorian committee. We managed to fit in some sightseeing as well as attending a packed conference. Included are some touristy photos -  the first taken next to the Maritime Museum after the welcome aperitif ‘soiree’ and the other of Chris Pettit, Eva Kleesh and Georgina Race beside the canal in the 10th arrondissement in Paris.




















The first session of the conference was all about crowd sourced information or to use the acronyms - VGI and UGC - Volunteered Geographical information and User generated content. These sessions covered research into the uses of crowd sourced data including a study on the interpretation of land cover from photographs rated by their ‘scenicness’ using photos from . I may add some of my travel photographs!


Other papers that I found very interesting included georeferencing of  non cartographic products such as texts, books, videos and historical maps, the use and collection of crowd sourced data in Haiti and papers on SDI standards including the application of the INSPIRE standard in Europe.


During the conference I had been wondering why there is so much overlap amongst all the international spatial groups’ conference content. At the conference Professor William Cartwright - now Past President of the International Cartographic Association was appointed to head the Joint group of Geospatial Societies - This body has been requested to put a paper to the UN to support the GGIM - the Global Geospatial Information management initiative with a coordinated approach from the 10 international spatial groups which make up the group. The paper is intended to raise the profile of geospatial information so as to influence policy makers to understand and support geospatial initiatives across the globe. It is understood that the message is more likely to be effective from the coordinated group rather than individual organisations.


I have asked Bill Cartwright to be a keynote speaker at our local spatial summit in September to give us an update on international spatial issues and perhaps some thoughts on his time as president of the ICA.


Amongst the awards presented in the map competition was a map of the beautiful game (of football) which was a very popular first prize in the thematic map category.














The next ICA conference is in Dresden in 2013.


My travels are continuing for a couple more weeks but you can find more reports about the ICA conference at the ICA website.





Victorian Chair




Destination Spatial


Work Experience


Destination Spatial has just completed its first round of Work Experience coordination for year 10 secondary school students.  We were able to place students at Photomapping, DSE, Omnilink and SKM so thank you all for volunteering your time to showcase the industry to the students.


We have received such positive feedback from the students, parents, teachers and companies that participated in the program.  The children involved were from Sunshine Secondary College (4 students) who came via a request for assistance from the Ardoch Youth Foundation and 2 students from Koonung Secondary College.  Esmeralda Aztemakis the Careers Coordinator/Teacher from Sunshine Secondary college said that 'One student in particular absolutely loved it (and the parents too) – he is a smart boy who feels school does not challenge him and wasn’t going to do any work experience (as he was waiting for something else for the next hols) so he ended up having the best time, raved about it too'.


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2011 Victorian Spatial Summit


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VSEA Gala Dinner



7th Annual


2011 Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards


Recognising Victorian excellence, innovation and contribution


Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation
Wednesday 14th September 2011
Plaza Ballroom Regent Theatre


The Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information individuals and enterprises and showcases the finest projects that the Victorian Spatial Industry has to offer. Individuals and Projects attaining recognition at this premier event are deemed to be truly outstanding achievers and pre-eminent in their field. 















Land Surveying Commission Sub-Committee


A further meeting of the LSC Sub Committee and Cadastral & Land Development S.I.G was held on 20th July 2011



Land Registry Notes


Please note that the Land Victoria Customer Information Bulletin Edition No.130 is now available on the website.


This relates to the parts of the Climate Change Act 2010 relating to Torrens land which allows forest carbon rights and Forestry and Carbon Management Agreements to be registered on title. For more information please click here.


New Planning Scheme App


A new online app provides mobile access to planning scheme information. The Planning VIC: Planning Property Report mobile app enables iPhone and iPad users to search for and generate a planning report for any property in Victoria.


New online services for Victorian planning scheme information PlanningVIC: Planning Property ReportThe PlanningVIC: Planning Property Report iPhone app is available from the Apple iTunes Store or the DPCD website.  The Planning Scheme Histories Online Service is now available from the Department of Planning and Community Development website.


New VCAT Practice Note PNPE9


A new Practice Note PNPE9  (Amendment of Plans and Applications) will be launched on the VCAT website, effective from the 11 July 2011. Click here for more information.


Victorian Government introduces Small Lot Code


Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy last week launched a Small Lot Housing Code which will remove the requirement for a planning permit for the construction of a single dwelling on lots less than 300 square metres in certain areas.


The Small Lot Housing Code has been designed to apply to any area where a new Precinct Structure Plan is created in an Urban Growth Zone.  "Simplified rules for single dwellings on lots less than 300 square metres will remove the need for a planning permit and therefore reduce time and cost for homebuyers," Mr Guy said.
If a home builder complies with the Small Lot Housing Code, a planning permit will not be required for the construction of a single dwelling on lots less than 300 square metres. If minimum standards are not met, a planning permit will be required.  More information on the Small Lot Housing Code is available from the Growth Areas Authority website.


New Assents


Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution) Act.


The Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution) Act 2011 No. 31 (Vic) was assented to on 29 June 2011 and commenced on 30 June,2011. This Act amended the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and other legislation and enacts the Government’s policy position on the GAIC and includes the ability to offset GAIC payments with direct works in kind. There is a very thorough process involved, that is expected to provide significant benefits for growth area development.


Crown Land Acts Amendment (Lease and Licence Terms) Act


The remaining provisions of the Crown Land Acts Amendment (Lease and Licence Terms) Act 2009 , which made amendments to the following legislation, commenced on 1 July 2011 by way of forced commencement:



Climate Change Act 2010


The Climate Change Act 2010, amends a number of other legislation on 1 July 2011 by way of forced commencement:



Growth Areas Authority Update


Truganina South (PSP 38)


The Minister for Planning approved the PSP for Truganina South, providing an extra 2,500 dwellings, which could accommodate up to 7,000 people. The 250 hectare site is 19 kilometres south west of Melbourne’s CBD, in an area bounded by Leakes Road and Palmers Road (north of Hoppers Crossing).  Construction is anticipated to begin this year, to develop a new community centre, two new schools, sporting facilities, a town and business centre as well as a 38ha conservation reserve.


Logical Inclusions


On the 16 May 2011, the Minister for Planning announced a new process to help address the shortage of metropolitan land supply (see Media Release).


These Growth Areas Logical Inclusions Review process only relates to the urban growth boundary affecting Wyndham, Melton, Hume, Mitchell, Whittlesea, Casey and Cardinia growth areas.


Under this process the Growth Areas Authority (GAA) will review the merits of land submissions already submitted to the 2009 urban growth boundary review, together with proposals which have been made after this time but which are supported by growth area councils.  Paul Byrne, one of the GAA Directors is managing the Logical Inclusions process for the GAA. The GAA will then refer submissions to a new Logical Inclusions Advisory Committee (Chaired by Kathy Mitchell) for final recommendation and advice to the Minister.


For land to be considered as a logical inclusion, strict criteria apply and projects must meet particular standards as outlined by the Minister: Read more here.


The GAA has written to previous submitters where their submissions meet the criteria outlining the process involved, and will soon be writing to potentially affected parties. If you have queries regarding the process you can contact Paul Byrne at


Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs)


Finally our busy PSP program is progressing well and I would expect announcements from the Minister in the near future as a number are reaching a point of completion.


Infrastructure Australia Delivers Annual Report to COAG


Infrastructure Australia has released its latest annual report to the Council of Australian Governments, Communicating the Imperative for Action . The report suggests that there is a dire need for reform across several infrastructure sectors - "most notably in transport and water" - as current arrangements are unsustainable, with existing infrastructure networks "barely adequate for current needs.


The report indicates that Infrastructure Australia's focus over the next four years will lie primarily in:



Infrastructure Australia has also made available its 2011 Project Assessments, as well as the related fact sheet, 2011 Infrastructure Priority List and Appraisals.
(Source: Infrastructure Australia; National Transport Commission).


Victorian Planning System Ministerial Advisory Committee


The Minister for Planning has established an Advisory Committee to review the planning system in Victoria.


The Advisory Committee is consulting with the community and industry to consider all parts of the planning system. This is the chance for all Victorians to make their views known about what works and what does not work with the system and how it should be shaped for the future.


The Advisory Committee will consider the whole planning system including the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and how it works; the State and local policy provisions; the operation of zones and overlays; the use of incorporated and reference documents; and the way permit applications and rezoning requests are dealt with.


The Advisory Committee is seeking views about:


  1. What’s good about the system? 
  2. What works well and what doesn't? 
  3. What are the ways to fix the problems and improve the system?
  4. How can the planning system be more effective and efficient? 
  5. How can the planning system be made easier to access and understand? 
  6. Is the present planning system right for Victoria? 
  7. Are the respective roles of the State and Local Government in the planning system still appropriate?


Submissions are due by 31 August 2011 and can be made the following ways:-


Email (preferred): or The Chairperson, Victorian Planning System Ministerial Advisory Committee, c/- Statutory Planning Systems Reform, Department of Planning and Community Development, GPO Box 2392 Melbourne VIC 300.


Advisory Committee Appointment and Terms of Reference


The following people have been appointed to the Advisory Committee under section 151 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.



The Advisory Committee's tasks and the process to be followed are set out in the Terms of Reference.  Victorian Planning System - Ministerial Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference (PDF - 1.2 MB)


HIA highlights deteriorating outlook  4 July 2011


The Housing Industry Association has released the winter edition of its National Outlook, Australia’s most comprehensive housing report card. The winter Outlook forecast fall of 13 per cent in housing starts over the two year period 2010/11 – 2011/12. HIA Chief Economist, Dr Harley Dale, said that the stimulus-driven boost didn’t get new housing out of the harbour in 2009/10 before renewed weakness landed the recovery on the rocks.


“Housing starts are forecast to decline over 2010/11 and 2011/12, reaching a low of 143,770. Excluding the two recessionary years for new home building around the GST and the GFC, this would be the weakest level of starts since the mid 1990’s,” said Harley Dale.


“Sentiment and activity in the new housing industry has been buffeted by higher interest rates, continuing tight credit conditions, incessant chatter about a fictitious property bubble, an astoundingly high taxation burden, and a complete lack of progress on policy reform to reduce unnecessary new housing costs,” Harley Dale said.


“Housing is shelter, a true essential of life. It is disappointing to see such an economically and socially vital element seemingly absent from serious public policy debate in this country,” said Harley Dale.


“Instead of taking real steps to remedy a range of housing supply problems, governments seem happy to extract ever-increasing amounts of tax, fees and charges from the new home industry. Of course the carbon tax will be just the next example of this approach of raising costs for the industry which provides a roof over people’s heads,” said Harley Dale.


“On a happier note the renovations segment of the housing market looks in a reasonably fit shape and HIA expects activity to ease slightly in 2010/11 to be worth $30.77 billion. Growth of 2.7 per cent is forecast in 2011/12 and 4.6 per cent in 2012/13, which would take annual renovations expenditure to just over $33 billion.
This level would be close to the record high for expenditure on renovations, which under ABS revisions is now recorded as having occurred in 2004/05,” Harley Dale added.







Friday 29th July 2011, 1pm to 5pm


Land Surveying Commission Seminar - Laser Scanning Road Show


All Seasons Bendigo 183 McIvor Road, Bendigo.


Due to popular request, this seminar is being held in Bendigo in lieu of the seminar proposed for 7th July. This is to provide an opportunity for country members to gain an understanding of the myths and realities surrounding Terrestrial Laser Scanning, a technology which is becoming increasingly affordable for businesses. There will also be a speaker from DIGO on the art of image interpretation and analysis, contemporary topics of local interest and an update on national activities.



Wednesday 3rd August-Cadastral Surveying Apps and contemporary planning issues



September 14th Spatial Summit


A full program of current and emerging surveying topics is being developed as part of this summit.



National Land Surveying Conference Melbourne, 18-21st April, 2012-Expanding on Tradition

This National Conference is being run by surveyors for surveyors and will provide the latest information on the many national issues which are having increasing implications on our day to day practice.



We Recommend...



VPELA Seminar


VPELA Seminar series on Expert Evidence & Submissions is to  be held at  Bendigo 4-6pm Tuesday 9th August 2011 at The Capital Theatre View Street Bendigo.


Chair: Geoff Underwood. Speakers: Chris Canavan QC, Helen Gibson, VCAT, Jamie Govenlock, Urbis & Kathy Mitchell, Planning Panels Victoria. This is a free seminar for regional planners and industry professionals. To book download the flier here as this flier will not be posted.


SRBV Workshop

Download the invite here to an interactive workshop and presentations organised by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.


The Workshop will be held in Ballarat on the 15th of August 2011.  As places are limited please register your interest  as soon as possible.












Click here to download the Surveying Taskforce Update








Click here to download the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV)




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