2017 OMNILINK Data Management Survey



OMNILINK is running a Data Management Survey again this year after a break of a decade and they are hoping to get a good response so that we can gain valuable insights into Data Management practice not just within the spatial community but also in the wider IT, government and business communities across Australia and New Zealand. They will also be reviewing changes in practices since the last Survey. 


Respondents who complete the Survey and provide their contact details will receive a snapshot report of how their organisation sits in the total responses for all questions and the name of one lucky respondent will be drawn at the completion of the Survey to receive a tablet of choice priced under $1,000.


Data Management Survey Information - click here.


Survey - http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3227957/2017-Data-Management-Survey


The 2017 OMNILINK Data Management Survey will run until 30th April 2017.


During the Locate 17 Conference in Sydney they will be showing the live results each day at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


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