Articles of Interest from Directions Magazine

Digital Elevation Models: Building your Base

One of the most widely used and valuable data sets that a GIS project can involve is a digital representation of the earth’s terrain, also known as a digital elevation model. Several major programs over the last almost-two decades have not only generated prodigious amounts of elevation data, but significant efforts have gone into post-collection processing to share high resolution data for great amounts of the earth.


How Wisconsin Created a Sustainable Statewide Digital Parcel Database

Wisconsin is one of approximately ten states that have developed a statewide digital parcel database that is complete, publicly accessible, stewarded, and based on a sustainable program to ensure that the database remains up-to-date.


GeoInspirations: Raphael Heath, Teaching students to avoid ash clouds & other geo challenges

When I first heard of the Ashcloud Apocalypse Challenge, I wondered, “Is this a movie or a video game?” I quickly realized that it was even better — a global activity with a goal to promote the learning of geography. It also became apparent to me that the educator behind it was an incredibly innovative geography instructor, Mr. Raphael Heath.



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