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Google’s Geospatial Evolution is Open

Much has been prognosticated about the earth-shattering consequences of deprecating Google Earth Enterprise back in March of 2015. Uncertainty of the route Google was taking may have sent some companies scrambling to shift their geospatial technology stack, while others chose to wait it out, taking solace in Google’s official support through March 2017. Now, the situation looks a lot more clear. The future of Google Earth Enterprise is open.


Drones Flying Free 2017 Recap:
When do you need a lawyer?

Were you aware that there are cases before the courts right now that could affect your drone operations this year? Or that at least one drone operator is facing serious jail-time, without realizing he was doing anything wrong? Or that there are many more regulations than just the FAA’s to consider when planning your drone operations?


Flashback: Communicating with Maps

Maps remain essential to the process of making decisions, explaining situations, displaying spatial analyses and establishing a setting. In May of 2015 we began a series of articles on Communicating with Maps, intended to highlight some of the most salient aspects of map design and usage within a modern GIS context.


‘Sweeping design changes’ for 2020 U.S. Census

We are only a few years away now from a milestone that distinguishes one data collection effort above all others, the decennial count that the U.S. Census Bureau conducts. Directions Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, chief of the Geography Division of the U.S. Census Bureau.


Six Core Principles for Maximizing the Value of Mapping Data

Extracting value from mapping data is opening up the market to those that are willing to invest time and resources into processing and managing it effectively. Geospatial organizations can make the most of their data by following six core principles.


GeoInspirations: Luis Olivieri, helping youth build futures with GIS

Luis Olivieri is the GIS director at Hopeworks ‘N Camden. As its name implies, Hopeworks is one of those organizations that you can feel good about, especially if you are in the fields of geography or GIS, because you are part of the technology and methods that are extensively used in their programs.


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