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Cadastral Surveying

Since the beginning of the year the Cadastral Surveying Interest Group has been active beginning with their first group meeting on 25th January.  Items for discussion were the Landgate Customer Service Council, New Tensure Legislation Working Group, LSLB report, annual WA conference, Building Act/Bill, Property Law Reform Alliance and CPD topics for 2011.  SSSIWA has written to Landgate with suggested inclusions for the Tenure Reform Working Group.  This interest group meets monthly and welcome input and attendance from interested parties.

On Thursday 17th February our first Cadastral Commission CPD Seminar was held at Curtin University.  Topics addressed were Surveying Inspection Issues, Interest Enquiry System, SSSI Update, and Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes - What your doctor has not told you.  This was well attended with 120 registrants. 





Engineering Surveying

The newly form Engineering Surveyors Interest Group (ESIG) met on 14th February and hopes to meet bi-monthly.  Items discussed were Progress on Accrediation, inaugural CPD seminar, WA annual conference and CPD topics.  The procedures manual is now approved and applications are being accepted.  The certification panel is at the final approval stage.

The ESIG in WA recently nominated Wayne Garwood for membership of the national group looking at Australian Standards for Subsurface Utility Engineering due to his experience in this field.

The photo below was taken recently by Max Milne while in Nigeria which shows why such standards are needed.

The Inaurgal Engineering and Mining Commission CPD seminar for Engineering Surveyors is being held at Curtin University on Monday 21st February.  Topics to be covered are: Top 10 Time Management Tips and Tricks; From Cross Sections to Point Cloud; The WA Spatial Cadastral Database - A User Guide for Engineering Surveyors; and Early Detection of Skin Cancer that can save your life.  This session will be recorded for redistribution.


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