Geo Message (Mar 2011)

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Committee news:

Your ACT Executive has met for the second time in 2011 and continues to work to bring you, our members, an interesting program for 2011. We still have a vacancy in the position of Regional Spatial Information and Cartography Commission representative. If this is your area of special interest and you would like to make your contribution to the Region and shape its CPD events then please contact Robert Twin at Filling this position is important so that we can provide a balanced CPD program for 2011. The full ACT Committee will meet next on 14 April at National Surveyors House. It you have any issues you would like raised please contact the Chair.


Calling all Young Professionals:

The ACT Region currently has very few Young Professionals in its membership, but we know you are out there and we’re keen to know what you would like us to do to help you in your spatial career. Matthew Jakab is forming a plan which includes contact through social networks, a Cocktail Party later in the year and other events. Contact Matthew at GA for further details and get on board.


Special funding opportunity:

The winding up of the Canberra Division of ISA and the incorporation of its previous responsibilities into the SSSI ACT Region has provided the opportunity of special project funding for the Region. Your Committee is putting out a call for ideas as to how these funds can be utilised to benefit SSSI ACT objectives. The Board has given us a window of 2 years to commit this special funding and your Committee will be reviewing proposals at its April meeting. This is a unique opportunity which can kick-start a number of programs to benefit the ACT spatial community. Please forward your ideas to Robert Twin at It is our intention to make this a major topic for discussion at the April Committee meeting so let’s have your thoughts soon.



As announced in the last ACT GeoMessage, Maree Wilson has taken up the challenge of coordinating Canberra’s next SSSI National Conference in the centenary year of the Nation’s Capital. Maree has already made contact with a number of members who are keen to help, so this is your chance to get in early and shape this event. Send your name, email and phone contacts to Maree at , along with any preferred roles you wish to undertake.



Nominations have gone to the ACT Surveyor-General for the SSSI representatives on the ACT Survey Practice Advisory Committee. The successful nominees will be advised to us in April/May.

The ACT Region is keen to gather information of existing education courses which include a spatial component, and to promote expansion of these across our local education institutions. If you have information on this, please contact Robert Twin at


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