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April has now speed by and I am glad I had such a long weekend to get over the travel of the first two weeks. I had two work trips and one SSSI trip to Bathurst this month, and I must say it was great to get out of the city and avoid my daily commute despite the distance to the Central West.

On Wednesday 6th April, I represented SSSI NSW in the opening of the 2011 Association of Public Authority Surveyors (APAS) annual conference 'Challenging our Horizons', Citigate Mount Panorama, Bathurst. The conference was opened by Bathurst Councillor Westman and Mr Harcombe representing the Surveyor General and Registrar General of NSW, Warwick Watkins. I was also given the opportunity to provide the delegates an update on SSSI activities Nationaly and in NSW these I share with your here.  

Thanks to Hank Staal and MSIA for a very good technical evening at the NSW Transport Management Centre on April 7th.  This was a successful joint event between SSSI and MSIA.

My thanks go out to Jose Diacono (SSSI NSW C'ttee member) for organising the Twilight Seminar on Mashups on the 13th April. I was able to stay for the beginning of the evening and it was going quite well with excellent presentations, these will be available soon from this website with other information on mashups including some of Joses' favourite mashups and published work on the topic. This was a successful joint event between SSSI and ISNSW.

Currently in planning is a seminar / workshop to demonstrate GIS and Spatial applications in engineering.
Are you a spatial professional contributing on engineering projects? We would like to hear from you. Planning is underway to organise an event to bring spatial and engineering professionals together to discuss collaborative projects and demonstrate examples of best practice.  Further information:


Have your say about the direction of NSW spatial information:

LPMA NSW are hosting the whereNSW Camp on Saturday 4th June in Sydney. This is part of the “where NSW” program which aims to develop a state-wide Location Intelligence Strategy.

I encourage you to attend this event as it has been opened to industry not just government participants. Your opinion on issues raised and discussed at this event is important for the future of spatial information in NSW!!!!

Information and Registration here - participants are encouraged to start the discussions online through the whereNSW Idea Generator at

NSW Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Awards 2011:

SSSI NSW is proud to announce that this year we will be a Gold sponsor of the event and will continue to be part of the judging panel.

I recommend all members, celebrate their work and strive to get an entry into this years awards.  Further information is available from

To find out how to enter see download a information kit. Further information is available from Terina Sawyer, ISNSW or Dr Veronic Bondarew, ACS NSW


Warwick Hehir

On behalf of the NSW Region Committee.
Please note that my views and opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of SSSI NSW Region.


Technical Evening - NSW Transport Management Centre:  7th April

We saw how every set of lights in the state can be watched and controlled centrally from the Transport Management Centre.  Learning a lot about the in's and out's the use of GIS in the planning of major events such as the 'City to Surf'. Having the event on during peak hour period, allowed us to see how the centre worked during this period.  It reminded me that I must stop my car over the top of the in-road-sensors or I could be waiting at those next set of lights all day!

The event was organised by Hank Staal (MSIA and SSSI member), this was cooperative event between the professional organisations.

Do you know of other place of interest for a technical evening please contact Warwick at

Twilight Seminar - Mashups:  13th April

The Mashups Twilight Seminar was a great success. It was again another good example of how the we are working in liaison with other spatial groups.  I believe that both ISNSW and SSSI were pleased with the attendance.

The presentations of the night will be up on the website shortly.  The evening was well attended and sparked numerous questions for the presenters Cameron Shorter (Lisasoft) and Matt Robinson (Lagen Spatial).

The event was organised by Jose Diacono, with The Institution of Surveyors NSW undertaking the administrative work of organising the room and taking bookings.
Are you interested in learning more about spatial mashups?  Would you be interested in a full day Workshop on the topic?  If so please contact us at


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