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The starter's gun went off with a bang at the beginning of the year and your member representatives on the NSW Region Committee are off, busy organising events and activities on your behalf. I hope you will find a number of evening talks and events in the coming months to your liking.


NSW Spatial Council - Industry Forum

On the 10th of February, I attended the NSW Spatial Council Industry Forum.  Members of the various spatial professional and industry bodies gathered to discuss a model for involving industry in the NSW Spatial Council activities. Each organisation represented on the day was asked to provide a presentation to all present.  Information was provided about the organisation governance, representation and membership.  All organisations are to provide feedback to the forum on NSW Spatial Council:

    list items that we believe the NSC should assist or facilitate on behalf of industry, and
    strategic initiatives or concepts our organisation believes the NSC can provide assistance and / or facilitate.

The SSSI presentation covering the above topics is available here. The NSW Committee welcomes your input.  All members can individually provide feedback to the NSW Location Strategy via 

The outcomes and feedback from the day will be complied by the CS2i Office.  One item I found to be quite apparent is the overlap between the groups, though also the focus of each group is slightly different.  Hence, all the organisations presenting on the day highlighted different but related issues and concerns.  It must be pointed out that there is currently no high level group in NSW looking at the strategic development of the Spatial Industry as a whole (public and private) in this state.  The gathering of both public and private industry, and professional associations to discuss the spatial policy, strategic direction and goals has occurred in other states and countries.  It is important the governance framework for involving industry and professional bodies in the NSW Spatial Council be the first concern.  Without clear governance and involvement of the different groups, the outcomes will be lacking in substance.


NSW Location Strategy

The NSW Location Strategy will see a significant step forward for the spatial industry in NSW and we hope members get involved.  The website was recently launched by the CS2i Office to develop ideas and input from the people of NSW into the NSW Location Strategy.  Further information about being involved is on the website below in the NEWS section.


New NSW Region Executive Officer

Kylie Mayne joins SSSI - NSW Region with in excess of 20 years experience in Committee/Board Executive Officer roles. She has worked in Government, Corporate and NFP sectors in a multitude of industries including Environment, Land Development, Commerce, Health and Education.

Kylie is looking forward to drawing upon her skills and experience in Board/Committee governance, policy and corporate writing, membership services and financial management to assist SSSI NSW in meeting their goals.

Warwick Hehir

On behalf of the NSW Region Committee.
Please note that my views and opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of SSSI NSW Region.





NSW Location Intelligence Strategy

The CS2i Program Office has been charged with the development of a NSW Location Intelligence Strategy – a high level, whole-of-government strategy to plan and manage spatial information, infrastructure and services across NSW. A consultative web space has been created to enable stakeholders to comment and provide feedback - This online space provides additional information on the project and provides interested stakeholders with the opportunity to comment, identify priorities and highlight issues that need to be addressed in the strategy’s development The site is also linked to an ‘idea generator’ which is an open forum for suggestions and ideas on any of the strategic themes. 

There are various methods for members and the general public to provide input and feedback into the strategy such as the website, twitter, and various forums, including a "WhereNSW bar camp".  See the attached flyer.


Announcing the Atlas of NSW

The Atlas of NSW is a brand new website aimed at educating people about New South Wales.

Developed by LPMA, the Atlas contains articles written by experts across Government, industry and academia and is accompanied by a new mapping application.

Under the covers is ArcGIS Server 10 with the JavaScript API v2.1. Features you may be interested in include time-aware layers, feature layers and live legends.

Check it out at


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