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On behalf of the NSW Region Committee, I would like to wish you a happy new year.  We hope that you and your family have not been affected by the flooding and severe weather during the holiday period, across the east coast and down in Victoria.  Please spare a thought for our colleagues in Queensland and Victoria currently dealing with the devastation.

We really look forward to continuing the growth the NSW Region has made last year into 2011.
With new members taking on roles in the Regional Committee, plus we are also expecting a Regional Executive Officer to start soon - more on that soon. 

Over the next few weeks those of you have put up your hand to help organise events in 2011 will be contacted and organising groups will be getting together to plan events for the year.

Continuing discussions are planned on representation with the NSW Spatial Council.  With members of the various professional and industry bodies getting to meet with the Council to discuss new opportunities, and wider benefits to the spatial industry in NSW.

Warwick Hehir
NSW Chair

On behalf of the NSW Region Committee.
Please note that my views and opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of SSSI NSW Region.




Remote Sensing News

From January 2011, all companies belonging to the Spot Image group and the Infoterra group will be brought together under one integrated operational structure and will be identified from then on as part of the single company name of Astrium, for which they will become the GEO-Information Services division. This development, which began last spring with the merger of Spot Image and Infoterra France, will enable all our entities throughout the world to offer you the full range of products and services available from the GEO-Information Services division. For more information, browse:


Emergency Information Update.

The Emergency Information Coordination Unit (EICU) is currently updating their spatial database of information in NSW from local councils and government agencies. This is collected at regular intervals, and stored centrally in Sydney. The data transfer between EICU and these councils/agencies allows for a consistency in data flow, and improves access and speed to which emergency information about homes, businesses, or public assets can be obtained. For more information, browse:


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