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The spatial industry has always had a strong presence in the South Australian Region. Part of the role of the SA Regional Committee of the SSSI is to ensure that this continues well into the future.
Other objectives of the committee are to continually expand our member base, while offering quality services to everyone who is a part of the SSSI. Generally, at least one CPD event is held each month so that over the course of the year, a wide range of topics are covered in a variety of formats, in the effort to meet the needs of all of our members.
The SA Regional Committee is well balanced with members from the private and public sectors, with a combined knowledge of many different areas of the spatial sciences.

We encourage all members to regularly access this website as we will endeavour to continually update the content, including current news and information regarding upcoming CPD events. Also, we appreciate any feedback you may have so that we can continue improving this site and tailor it to the requirements of our members.


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