Welcome to SSSI Northern Territory


The NT Division welcomes all regional members to participate in its activities and events across the Territory.


The NT Division provides members with an active network within which to maintain professional knowledge and technical skills, as well as to meet fellow like-minded professionals and to share experience in the spatial profession.


Our objective is to service the needs of our members and play our part in growing the NT community’s knowledge of the spatial sciences.


We welcome members to participate through attending conferences, seminars and workshops, and contribute by serving on the NT regional committee as well as being active in the NT region.


Geo Message (April 2012)

INSIDE THE SSSI Project officer for the NT region The NT regional committee recently appointed Toni Flaus as a part ti...

NT | 19 Apr, 2012


Geo Message (February 2012)

Upcoming Events NT SPATIAL 2012 CONFERENCE Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about the great scientif...

NT | 28 Feb, 2012


Geo Message (January 2012)

NEWS NT Spatial Excellence Awards - Call for Nominations The inaugural NT Spatial Excellence Awards will be presented ...

NT | 30 Jan, 2012


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