Engineering & Mining Surveying


Engineering and Mining Surveyors provide their professional advice and skills for the building and development of various aspects in our modern life.  This includes the construction of our homes to the development of our towns and cities and the links between them.


These surveyors are usually the first to be called upon for any development, large or small to provide the technical data required by other professionals to undertake their roles of planning and design.  This usually involves these surveyors taking measurements of the natural environment using various forms of equipment including using satellite measuring equipment, laser scanners, as well as specialised surveying equipment such as Total Stations and Levels.  Using this equipment and the measurements taken they will provide accurate models and data of the existing form in various formats.


But their role in our modern world does not stop here.  Engineering and Mining Surveyors are the ones who help bring the developments to life, using the plans provided by other professionals, they provide the control and ongoing supervision of works by construction crews.  Their measurements and survey marks are relied upon to ensure the development is constructed as per the design as well as any redesigns or amendments that may be required along the way.


Once construction is completed, Engineering and Mining Surveyors are asked to come back and take measurements of the completed development to make sure the development has been built as per the design within specification as well as record as-built information for the protection of many of the services we rely on in modern life.In some regions Mining Surveyors are registered or authorised as their work is relied upon for the safety of present and future workers within the mine workings as well as the ongoing monitoring of the mine site during and after mining.


Engineering and Mining Surveyors may also extend their skills and undertake various other aspects in the development process which are undertaken by other professionals including planning, design and project management.



Throughout history, engineering and mining surveyors have been involved in all the major projects from the Pyramids in Egypt to the world’s tallest building in Dubai.  Major projects in Australia include the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Parliament House in Canberra, the Clem Jones Tunnel in Brisbane. 


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