List of Certified Hydrographic Surveyors

Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP)


*****     Important Letter from the AHSCP to Hydrographic Surveyors     *****


Complaints against Certified Hydrographic Surveyors.

Like any profession, there needs to be an appropriate level of accountability and an ability to report on unprofessional conduct.  Within the SSSI, the mechanism for this is via the Complaints Procedure and Complaints Form.  Should you consider that you have a valid complaint, please first read the procedure which is linked below:


Complaints Procedure

Complaints Form


Download the list of Current Certified Professionals in Hydrographic Surveying (05 Sep 16, PDF)


View the current list of Certified Professionals in Hydrographic Surveying via Google Maps by clicking HERE


The AHSCP wish to congratulate the following hydrographic surveyors who were certified during September 2016:



Pending Applicants:

Level 1

    Mr Brice Hooper

    Mr Stuart Caie

    Mr David Murrell 

    Mr Nigel Meikle 

    Mr Juhani Laaksonen

      Mr Vasiliy Paramashkin 


Level 2:
    Mr Martin Tunwell 

    Mr Fergus McRae 

    Mr David Bryant 

    Mr Tim Williams

    Mr Adrian Eddy


Pending Re-certifications:

Level 1:

Level 2:



Input Regarding Applicants:

Should an individual or organisation wish to provide comment on an applicant, this is to be provided to the AHSCP Secretary at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.  Comment can be made using the Referees Report form or a detailed letter.  The applicant will be provided with any adverse comment submitted in order to respond to the AHSCP.


Future certification meeting dates are posted on the Apply for Certification page.


Previous Versions of "The List":

Previous versions of the “Certified Professionals in Hydrographic Surveying” list are available on request from the AHSCP Secretary.



Mr Andrey Budniy
Mr Scott Kenny



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