Member Groups

SSSI consists of several special interest groups, each representing the key professional interests of SSSI's members. Becoming a member of SSSI, you will automatically be allocated to two groups: Your Region and your Commission, which reflects your professional discipline/interest.


There are many opportunities for members to get involved in these SSSI groups and their Committees.


Young Professionals

Young ProfessionalsFor members under 35, the SSSI Young Professionals special interest group represents, supports and provides a voice to the young professional members of the SSSI community.


Women in Spatial

Women in SpatialSSSI's Women in Spatial group actively recognises the value and contribution of women in the spatial professions and within the Institute.



HeritageThe SSSI Heritage Special Interest Group role includes the research and commemoration of spatial professionals and events in Australia's history.



Australia MapMembership of the Institute is divided regionally. The SSSI Regions are divided between the Australian States and Territories and the whole of New Zealand. In addition, regions may be divided into sub-regions. There is also an overseas component of membership.




Along with SSSI Regions, membership of the Institute will additionally be divided into Commissions, which represent the professional discipline/interest of the individual. The Commissions represent the following groups:



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