Who Are Spatial Professionals?

Everything has a place; where it is now, where it is supposed to be, and knowing this information is the job of the spatial professional. Spatial professionals work in all industries, from construction sites to agriculture and mining, manufacturing and transport, and health and education. They participate in all levels of management, from gathering raw data in the field, to manipulating complex databases, to presenting results in a concise and palatable format such as a map. And they are united in their awareness of the value they provide to society and the importance of maintaining professional standards.



Some pioneers in the field have entered the spatial profession from other areas such as information technology or the management of resources and assets. Today, it is typical to acquire tertiary qualifications in a spatial science, and some even gain registration or high-level certification. As new technologies offer new opportunities and markets for spatial information, ongoing professional development is essential. For some, spatial science is the whole of their working life, for others, it is just another part of their normal job.



If in your chosen endeavour, it is important to know where things are, where they are supposed to be and what else is nearby. Whether finding new customers or resources, finding the best route from here to there, or picking the best place to build something new, these are spatial professionals. And with qualifications, experience and the support of a network of peers, spatial professionals would be aware of the available tools and quality standards to bring the best value to final products and to society at large. Every thing has a place.


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