President's Message

We are coming to the end of a very long and busy month.  A lot has happened, much of it related to final preparations for the Locate Conference.  In this edition of my report, I want to

●      Provide another update on the Locate Conference.

●      Report on discussions with ISDE.

●      Announce the establishment of Professional Standards Committee.

●      Announce the establishment of Financial Risk and Audit Standards Committee.



Locate 17

The registrations for the conference this year seems to be going very well.  I thought it best to include a few graphs for easy reading of the numbers.


As a board we are always concerned with how we track compared to previous years.  This graph provides some indication of the comparison with Locate16 at the same time last year.


The rest of the registration story is told by this pie chart.  All indications are that we should reach break-even point soon.  The team under Zaffar‘s leadership works tirelessly and we are sure that they will present a great conference.


It should be noted that when Locate was formed the founders made it clear that only one conference was needed nationally, and the Locate leadership under SSSI and SIBA was encouraged to ensure that this conference was open to all players in the market.  To that end the conference organisers have offered membership rates to all players in the spatial industry.  We have included streams for most spatial disciplines and special events for many.  We have involved leaders from organisations such as ISNSW, MSIA and various government agencies.  So far, we will also have in attendance leaders from BOSSI, ISNZ, ISNSW, ASPNG , overseas Surveyors General many other global leaders in spatial.  Organisations that will have board or council meetings during the conference include SSSI, SIBA, ISDE, UN-GGIM Asia Pacific and ANZLIC.



ISDE Collaboration

SSSI and the International Symposium for Digital Earth (ISDE) have agreed that continued collaboration in line with the joint Locate17 conference will benefit both organisations.  We have therefore drafted an MOU that is currently being reviewed by both organisations and will be signed during the conference.  This continues SSSI’s drive to strengthen international ties and will provide our members with international opportunities.



Professional Standards Committee

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Professional Standards Standing Committee has now been finalised.   This committee is probably one of our most important committees in that it builds on the proud traditions of our parent organisations such as ISA, AURISA and others to uphold our Institute’s Ethical and Professional Standards.  It is made up of respected members of the Institute who have gone through a tough vetting process to be admitted to this committee.  We therefore want to recognise these individuals who not only have impeccable credentials, but are also prepare to serve our community.  They are:

●      Peter Barr - NSW (HC)

●      Peter Byrne - WA (LSC)

●      Andrew Edwards - TAS (LSC)

●      Sarah-Jane Edwards - WA (SICC)

●      Bill Kearsley - NSW (LSC)

●      Dipak Paudyal - QLD (RS&PC)

●      Russell Priebbenow - QLD (LSC)

●      Mike Stapleton - ACT (LSC)



Financial Risk and Audit Standards Committee

Our financial risk and audit committee is tasked to advise the board in terms of a range of financial matters.  The institute no longer has a single treasurer with this type of responsibility but we have tasked this group of members to jointly take on this responsibility.  All the members on this committee have proven track records and we are proud to announce their inclusion:

●      Simon Ironside - NZ (HC)

●      Alex Leith - TAS (SICC)

●      Rob McCauley - ACT (LSC)

●      Peter Swan - QLD (LSC)




Gaby van Wyk

SSSI President


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