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Spatial Information & Cartography

Knowing the location of people, assets and places; understanding how connections are modified by distance, and rendering vast tracts of data in an intuitive graphical format, is the essence of spatial information and cartography.


Every asset has a location, and every person has a place they want to be. Society places great value in acquiring the best location for a business, or calculating the most efficient route. Our profession makes it possible to make these decisions in a measured and rigorous manner.


All industries, from mining and agriculture to manufacturing and services, will at some point need to recruit the spatial information and cartography profession to assist in managing their assets and future growth.


Our professionals are to be found out in the field taking measurements, liasing with I.T. to provide services or delivering information to customers and clients. They operate at a range of levels from national governments down to local business. Our maps are as old as history and our spatial databases put the latest computer hardware to the test.


The profession of spatial information and cartography brings value to society, often by providing the measure by which society values itself.



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