SICC CertIn the Spatial Information & Cartography Commission expertise is acknowledged under the internationally-recognised Geographic Information Systems Professional (Asia Pacific) (GISP-AP) Certification. Endorsement under this Certification informs the general public and other professionals that your skills and expertise in spatial information and cartography are recognised at SSSI's highest level.


The GISP-AP Certification process requires a professional to initially demonstrate that an advanced level of expertise has been achieved, including:



Additionally a GISP-AP is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional who has been assessed as meeting the minimum standards for ethical conduct and professional practice, as defined by the program (refer to the GISP-AP Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct).

SSSI Members and Non-members are eligible to apply for GISP-AP Certification.

Certificate holders are required to re-certify every five years in order to maintain certification.



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