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The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is Australia's peak body representing the interests of surveying and spatial science professionals, combining the disciplines of land surveying, engineering & mining surveying, cartography, hydrography, remote sensing and spatial information science.


How Do I Become A Spatial Professional?

Students, upon graduating high school, can begin either tertiary study through their university or they can even do vocational education through another tertiary body like TAFE. Upon completion of these courses, and perhaps beforehand, apply for a job in the area you are studying. This is why networking is so important, and being involved in the Surveying and Spatial Science Institute can introduce you to future employers.







SSSI Constitutional Review - Special General Meeting (24 Nov 16) to vote on New SSSI Constitution


Following an extensive period of consultation over the last 12 months, the SSSI Board now proposes to the members a new organisational structure and governance model that will best suit the future aspirations and directions of SSSI.


A new SSSI Constitution (2016) has been drafted that reflects and supports the proposed changes to how the organisation would be structured in the future and new governance arrangements.


Members are invited to attend the Special General Meeting (SGM) scheduled to 24 November 2016 in Canberra where they will be asked to vote on a resolution to replace the existing SSSI Constitution (2009) with a new SSSI Constitution (2016). Members unable to attend in person may cast a proxy vote.


To assist you in your consideration of the proposed changes, members can download the following documents:


1. Notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) - 24 November 2016. CLICK HERE

2. SGM Proxy Form - for members unable to attend the SGM in person. CLICK HERE

3. New Amended Constitution (2016) - Proposed New SSSI Constitution. CLICK HERE

4. Old SSSI Constitution (with changes) (2009) - a marked up version showing the changes. CLICK HERE

5. Future Directions Document - this document explains the reasoning behind the proposed changes. CLICK HERE


The Board strongly encourages you to either attend the SGM in person or submit a proxy vote so you have a say in the future of your professional institute.




For SSSI members to access discounts to a range of Leisure, Food, Travel and Professional Service Outlets please click here:


For information on the benefits provided by the new Member Advantage program CLICK HERE 

For a comparison of the benefits offered by the old Benefits Collective and new Member Advantage program CLICK HERE 




Strategy 2015

Issued for the information and guidance of all members, office bearers, and staff of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, following endorsement by the Consultative Council and approval by the Board in March, 2012.






Geo Message

Geo Message is SSSI’s official e-newsletter. Released to SSSI members on a monthly basis, each issue keeps you informed about SSSI, the spatial industry, and major spatial events.





SSSI Annual Report 2014-15

The SSSI Annual Report is published yearly and is a report on the activities of SSSI over the 2014-15 financial year. The Annual Report provides a snapshot of the institute’s performance, highlights and challenges. This report was presented at the SSSI Annual General Meeting on the 23rd of October 2015.


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SSSI Tas Christmas Drinks Hobart 2016

University Club, UTAS


Its Christmas again already! Join with fellow spatial professionals, and any interested spatial ring-ins in a casual environment for some Xmas cheer. Previously we have used our XMAS gathering as opportunity to hear a guest speaker reflect on the year past and ponder the year ahead.  But this year we are doing something a little bit different – everyone is invited to share their thoughts!


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Welcome of President

This is my first message as President, ...



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SSSI Members vote ‘Yes’ to New Constitution and Governance Model



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